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What To Expect
  • Six seats are available.

  • Each day is an 8-hour fishing trip.

  • All gear and bait are provided

  • Please be weather-ready. Dress warmly.  You can always take layers off but if you don’t have them to begin with it may be  COLD! 

  • Bring whatever beverages/snacks/lunch you would like for the day.

  • Please bring a cooler with ice that can stay in your vehicle for your catch on the way home.

  • I will fillet your fish and put them into ziplock bags for your travels home.

  • Please bring a valid fishing license for either Idaho or Washington. If we are fishing for salmon you will also need a salmon catch record card.  It’s your day of fishing. You will need these items in order to participate in the day.

  • I send a confirmation email out after trip is booked. It will state where and what time to meet me. I will have the boat in the water and ready for you to arrive.

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